Do you have poor credit? Getting a credit card can be a tricky, difficult thing for you but don’t worry, there’s still a way. You can get specially made credit cards that are designed for people with bad or no credit. CreditBuilderCard is one of them.

Secured credit cards are a whole dedicated business for bad creditors. CreditBuilderCard can be an excellent way to reestablish your credit in case your credit history is poor. However, it’s really important to follow all the payment deadlines strictly. It is a secured program for credit cards. You can enroll for it in just a few minutes without requiring any credit approval. Let’s take a look at some of its attributes.

Credit reporting speed

CreditBuilderCard is extremely quick and secure. It reports to all 3 credit bureaus frequently, up to 6 times every single month. This ensures that the applicants with a bad credit history can quickly establish a positive credit reputation again. This is why most of its programs target mortgage applicants from the real estate sector.

Support for applicant and their lenders.

Apart from their credit reporting speed, CreditBuilderCard provides an excellent customer service not only to the applicant but also to their loan officers. Bad credit history can destroy a home loan and cause a mortgage company to lose thousands of dollars in commission. It’s quite stressful for both parties, the lender and their applicant. What CreditBuilderCard does is provide as much lenience and support with their product as they can so that their customers can make their dream of owning a home come true and the lenders can earn their commissions while closing their loans as well.

Other important features.

Lenient approvals, easy application processes, comprehensive guidelines, smaller payment plans and special benefits make CreditBuilderCard a lucrative option in the world of credit building cards. Its options and plans are very competitive with others in the market, a fact that establishes it as one of the best bad credit brands. Let’s take a look at some important features of the CreditBuilderCard and let you understand why you should consider it as your go-to program for rebuilding your credit history.


All you need to do is complete your application with the accurate information and fund a minimum deposit amount of $200. It’s essential that you don’t have a bankruptcy case open against you. Apart from that, you’re not required to have any minimum credit score. Their checks are nothing more than a soft pull at your reports and don’t affect the credit scores.

Interest Rate

CreditBuilderCard offers an interest rate of 19.99%, which easily beats many big guns in the market like Capital One, Discover etc. However, they will only apply it to your balance if you pay it on time.

Reporting time

After your application is approved, CreditBuilderCard will report your credits to the three credit bureaus within a week’s time. Apart from that, an annual $29 fee will also be a part of your credit report helping you rebuild your record properly.

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