Are you thinking about launching a website? You’ll need to get hosting first obviously or else where are you going to store your data? Hostinger is one of the oldest and biggest brands in the hosting business with over 30 million users and very affordable service pricing. 

Hostinger should be the starting point of your business website if you’re looking for a less innovative hosting platform on a shoestring budget. Here’s what else you need to know about them.

Customer Support for WP 24/7

Despite being one of the biggest in business, Hostinger gives its users an admirable customer service every day of the week with a designated WordPress team. The live chat support can help you with any advanced fixes using already written manuals or live support from a WP expert.


Hostinger has a partnership with BitNinja, which helps them thwart any cyber security threats. Using their state of the art infrastructure and latest technologies, Hostinger will protect your website with excellent security. The only downside about security with Hostinger is that they will charge you for the native SSL certificate, something that its competitors mostly offer for free. It’s really essential that you incorporate it into your website. 

Free Domain

A domain is something you’ll require even before getting a hosting service. In case you’re still thinking about it and want to work on the website, Hostinger offers a free domain to save money and time for you.

Website Builder

Hostinger has its own website builder, which supports all the required web building tools and features like unlimited SSD storage, limitless bandwidth and free SSL certificates through another shared partner. It even has a logo maker for helping you create your brand’s own logo and a copywriter tool that generates your website’s professional copy with the help of AI.

User Interface

They have created their own custom-made website tools, which makes their user interface arguably better than cPanel. It can help you manage your internet utilities and profiles like your website’s data files, email IDs, and help you acquire account information. It’s all quite impressive. Clicking on the WP icon will take you straight into WordPress developing site where you can change your website in a much more detailed manner.

Developer Friendliness

A lot of web developers work together to bring new design updates to reality in WP. Hostinger’s own developers are also a part of this effort and contribute to WP’s codebase. This really expresses how much attention the company pays to developers who are constantly enriching their speeds and reliability.

1 month Guarantee

Hostinger is a renowned service, it’s fairly inexpensive and a very attractive option specially if you’re just starting out on a shoestring budget. You get cheap special plans and discounts.

Despite being inexpensiveness, they don’t compromise on the quality of the services they provide to the users. To earn your trust, they offer a substantial 1 month guarantee. Hostinger may offer fewer features than other hosting brands but it will still get your business online securely.

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