Are you worrying about your privacy while surfing the internet? If that’s the case, then you’re probably looking for a VPN and there’s hardly one better than NordVPN. What makes NordVPN so good? Why does it work better? Let’s find out about it. 

The App

NordVPN is one of the most popular brands in the VPN category. While most of the other brands give fewer than five, NordVPN can provide six simultaneous connections from its networks. Along with the option to maintain a dedicated IP address, NordVPN also lets users venture into Tor and features a kill switch option as well.

NordVPN is an encryption powerhouse whose infrastructure consists of more than 5,200 servers spread across 62 different locations in as many different countries.  

It has an excellent interface and toggle control that offers maximum assistance to the user. A well-designed interactive map is at the center of NordVPN’s user-interface. 24/7 chat support, allowance of 6 different devices on a single account and unlimited data make it one of the best VPN options.


NordVPN speeds depend mostly on your internet connection’s bandwidth and the local communication infrastructure but that doesn’t mean that NordVPN is unreliable or that its speeds are inconsistent.

Its speeds from Singapore servers are the highest even though average Singapore speed is almost the same as that in London. When the speed reaches its maximum value, the VPN service provides a speed loss of a minuscule 4% compared to the average of around 30%

Security and privacy 

Because of the fact that NordVPN is based in Panama, the privacy around their service is quite strong. Panama has very strong laws protecting the privacy of businesses registered there. Due to this, the country has strict policies against sharing their surveillance data with other countries or organizations. 

NordVPN is quite clearly a powerhouse of encryption and data protection. It uses the AES-256-CBC encryption standard, changes its protection keys frequently to avoid any lapses, and incorporates the OpenVPN protocol and IPSec. 

In case of a connection failure, NordVPN provides a kill switch option that stops the data in your network to leak out of their VPN protective tunnel. You can select the apps to be used with the kill switch feature so that when a connection failure happens, the app stops flow of information in or out of that app. The app also includes site filters and ad blockers. 


The best deal NordVPN offers currently is the 2-year plan that comes with a whopping 68% off and amounts to a payment of just $89 once every 24 months or 3.71 dollars per month. Nord offers a money-back guarantee after 30 days. Payment options include Bitcoin cryptocurrency, credit cards, UnionPay, Google Pay, AliPay, Apple Pay, WeChat Payments and Amazon Pay. 

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