As entrepreneurs, there are many benefits and perks to owning your business. You are literally in control of everything; this also has its own set of setbacks and difficulties. Many of the traditional peaks of being an employee are apart of the benefits package provided by the employer, specifically healthcare. When stepping into entrepreneurship, that responsibility falls on you.

Sidecar Health plans to make that transition easier and more affordable for everyone! ( Even those with current coverage. )

Who is Sidecar Health?

Sidecar Health is built around four core values: Affordability, Personalization, Transparency, and Simplicity. Sidecar Health plans cover any health care service and prescription drug that is medically necessary. Because insurance is commonly unaffordable for most, Sidecar made a way doctors can be paid directly and have the patients reap the benefits. Each plan is personalized in order to meet the variety of needs and budgets of most American workers. With the added benefit of the Sidecar Health App, they have made it easy to see exactly what your plan will pay prior to visiting the doctor.


Sidecar Health is backed by trusted insurance partners that are rated by AM Best. Our policies are underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company and Sirius America Insurance Company, trusted and established insurance carriers, which means your policy is secure no matter what happens.

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When starting your coverage with Sidecar Health, you will receive a Sidecar Health debit card to pay your doctor in full at the time of service. All benefit coverage amounts are fixed and make it easy to know the max amount Sidecar will pay.

After you pay your bill, simply upload a picture of your itemized bill to the Sidecar Health app. Depending if the cost is higher or lower than what your coverage permits, you will be required to pay the difference or Sidecar will credit the unused amount to your account. ( Thats right they will pay you back for finding a lower cost! )

Sidecar wants to help you SAVE SO MUCH that you can even compare your local prices right on the Sidecar Health app! You can reduce health costs up to 40% using Sidecar Health insurance! As they develop the database, members can submit updated local pricing information.


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